The Multimedia Art Museum in Ostozhenka has opened an exhibition of works by Spaniard Francisco Infante, Chinese Wu Guoyong and Italian Lucho Fontana

Olga Sviblova, Director of the Multimedia Art Museum, presented the authors of two of the three opening exhibitions: Francisco Infante with his wife and co-author Nona Goryunova, a photographer from China, Wu Guoyong.

Three dozen photos of Wu Guoyong are dedicated to ... bicycles! The Bicycle, often touted as a useful, environmentally friendly form of transport, has suddenly become a mountain of landfills across China. There was a problem with recycling and a threat to the environment. A special-artistic-vision of landfills covered with nets only increases the sense of impending disaster!

Wu Guoyong poses next to his photo from the "No Place to Place" series. His amazing photos can be seen until January 26, 2020.

* * *

Francisco Infante-Arana was born in 1943 in the Saratov region. He comes from a family of Spanish immigrants. His unexpected works-installations, photographs of artefacts using mirrors-aroused particular interest among visitors.

Exhibition of works by Francisco Infante.

Francisco Infante, "Duality", 1964-1973.

The exhibition of works by Francisco Infante is open until February 16, 2020.

* * *

Flight of stairs of the Multimedia Art Museum.

* * *

For the first time in Moscow, a retrospective exhibition of the Italian and world star of contemporary art, Lucio Fontana (1899 - 1968) is presented. More than 60 works make it possible to trace the evolution of the artist's work from figurative works to abstractions that destroy the traditional idea of the picture. This exhibition is open until February 23, 2020.

One of the halls with works of Lucio Fontana.

Of Lucio Fontana. «Spatial concept». Small theatre. More like a fetus in the womb.

Of Lucio Fontana. «Spatial concept». Or, rather, the Italian abstract interpretation of "Low Marks Again".

Lucio Fontana. «Spatial concept». 1956.

Lucio Fontana is primarily a sculptor.

The crucifixion by Lucio Fontana.

Lucio Fontana, «Christ», 1955-56.

* * *

In addition to the main exhibition on the seventh floor, you can see the works of Vladimir Yankilevsky until December 8, 2019.

Vladimir Yankilevsky. From the "City" cycle. "The family", 2001.

Vladimir Yankilevsky. "Being and eternity". 1997.

Restored according to the drawings "Heroic monument".

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